Friday, July 6, 2012

June Crafts

As you can tell I like to pile multiple crafts into one post. Maybe one day that will change. But for now this is the way I'm going to be doing it!!

Made this little, easy "Welcome" sign for by the front door. The wood is a fence piece I bought at Lowe's.
Stained it and stenciled the letters on. See, easy!

Finally got some canisters for the kitchen. You can buy these at Walmart or Target.
I found site that had the "chalkboard" printouts for free and you can even
choose your own word!!

FINALLY got Qincey's dog feeder done!! Was working on this project for a couple months
because I couldn't figure out a cheap way to cut a hole.
Ta-da!! Saved me so much $$ too!! It's just perfect!!

Got this wooden sign from Goodwill. Of course when I bought it, it was an awful shade of purple and had
the words "Home Sweet Home" on it. Gave it a couple coats of white paint and stenciled the word
"Kitchen" on it. Perfect for well.....the Kitchen!! 

Found these at the Goodwill Outlet here in Indy. That's right, Outlet store!!
The one on the left is how we bought them and the one on the right is after I cleaned it up a bit
and gave it a new coat of paint and a shelf!

Wanted to make sure it was still a little "shanty" so I roughed up the edges of the new shelf.
This is for my nephew's room. Can't wait to see some pictures in those window panes!! :)

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